3 Things You Didn’t Know About Your Hair​

 Does you hair seem like a mystery at times? If so, then it’s with good cause! It’s taken science a long time to figure out just how complex and unique human hair truly is. In this blog post, we’ll reveal three things you didn’t know about your hair!  Wet Hair Stretches a LOT When healthy hair gets wet, it can stretch in excess of 30% its “dry” length. No wonder your hair stylist dries your hair before finishing your cut!  Your Hair is Dead Hair is made of the same thing that your fingernails are made of, keratin. Keratin also makes up animal claws, feathers, hooves, and horns. Interestingly enough, hair is dead - with the exception of the tiny bit still below the surface of the skin.  A Strand of Hair Lives a Long Time Take a look at your hair. Each of those strands has a life span of about 5 years! The hair is as interesting as it is beautiful. It was once thought that damaged hair could only be remedied, not treated. Science has uncovered so much truth about hair, including the proven formula behind Nano DryFix.​

Top Tips for Summer Hair Care​

   Wondering how to keep your hair looking beautiful this summer? In this article, we’re going to shed light on the top tips for summer hair care!    Start with a Trim Start out the summer with a fresh trim. Even if you want to grow your hair out, trimming it every 6-8 weeks will reduce split ends.  Use Better Products Change to a moisturizing hair care product or a total hair repair product such as Nano DryFix to help protect your hair during the summer heat. This protection can extend to damage from the pool and ocean.  Dip Your Hair Before You Swim Before you jump into the pool or some saltwater for a swim, dip your hair in freshwater or a leave-in product. Once the length of your hair is saturated, it’s not going to absorb anything else, and you can use this science to protect your hair!   This summer, have a blast, but protect your hair from the sun, sea, and chemicals with these tips! Taking a few steps can prevent damage that can take a long time to undo. Of course, if you do incur some damage this summer, Nano DryFix offers a solution.​

Top 3 Things That Damage Your Hair​

When it comes to getting luscious locks, many women wonder what they’re doing wrong. Truth be told, there are a number of things that can damage your hair. In this blog post, we’ll uncover three things that damage your hair the worst, and we’ll offer insight into how to correct the damage done.                                                          1. Dying Your HairUsing chemicals to change the color of your hair will almost always damage it to some extent, but we’re still always going to be tempted to transform our hair color to something new. If you’re planning on coloring your hair, do research to find natural or at least gentle products to reduce the amount of damage done. Of course, eliminating dye completely is the only way to prevent damage from hair coloring. 2. Brushing HairWe’ve all got to brush our hair, yet hair brushing is one of the worst thing for it. Find gentler brushes to help reduce the damage you’re doing to your hair, but also make sure that you aren’t brushing straight down from the roots. Brush from the tip in sections moving upward to reduce damage. 3. Using the Wrong Hair ProductsUsing the wrong daily products can also cause damage to your hair. Products like the ones from Research in Beauty, especially Nano DryFix, can help prevent damage while treating current damage. With products like Nano DryFix, you can actually treat damage from the inside out. Find out more at researchinbeauty.com.​

What Hair Dye Really Does to Your Hair​

Many of us get our hair colored, and we’re accustomed to the process - but what’s really going on? In this article, we’ll give you a step-by-step at the chemical processes happening and what’s occurs within the hair when you dye it. First of all, hair dye has ammonia in it. It works by lifting the cuticle to get the hair ready to receive the color. The process usually calls for peroxide, which takes out the current color and further readies the hair for new color. The new color can then bind to the hair. Keep in mind, the longer the dye sets, the more damage that’s being done to your hair. Oh, and the smell? That’s sulfur being released from your hair when the peroxide reacts with the hair’s proteins. Any hair dye that promotes itself as ammonia-free will still lift the cuticle. Without the cuticle being lifted, the color wouldn’t stay. So when you reach for something gentler, keep that in mind! Products like Nano DryFix can help treat this damage from the inside out, which could be a solution if you’re looking to treat your hair after coloring. ​


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