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We are an international hair care company providing the professional

hairdressing industry with hair care products.


Science Meets Beauty


How often do we hear beauty claims that fill our hearts with a hope. We all have dreamed of hair products that meets our expectations! Time has come to understand that beautiful hair cannot be achieved without experience and openness to modern uses of science. Ease, health, and hair longevity has been the defining inspiration for Research In Beauty since it’s foundation in the United States; where healthy ingredients is a distinctive hallmark of  heour products. Research In Beauty has been producing beauty products that combine over 40 years of hair styling knowledge with the latest scientific research; but have you ever wondered how our innovative new products are developed?


All our hair products are the result of extensive scientific development and testing to make sure they live up to the high performance formulations that our customers love. Each product is created by a specialized team of dedicated researchers based in Florida. It is here where we are constantly developing and researching unique technologies primarily for healthy hair care.


At the heart of Research In Beauty is our desire to develop high performance, next generation formulations, inspired by health. This focus is evident throughout the four specialist areas:


  • New Ingredients: Extracting and analyzing natural and active ingredients is the main activity that takes place. This allows us to discover new state-of-the-art ingredients and technologies that will deliver great results when you use our products!
  • Hair Structure: The natural structure of hair and the environmental effects of how hair is treated is studied.
  • Hair Cuticle Delivery: Our scientist and team of professional hair stylist have more than 40 years of combined experience. We assess how the active ingredients can penetrate the hair cuticles, and repair damaged hair to create positive results.
  • Bio-Analytics: We test, analyze and authenticate the effects and benefits of our products with the active ingredients. It’s through our passion for science and beauty that we are able to develop the innovative, safe and effective ingredients that ultimately find their way to you in your fabulous products.

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