3 Things You Didn’t Know About Your Hair


Does you hair seem like a mystery at times? If so, then it’s with good cause! It’s taken science a long time to figure out just how complex and unique human hair truly is. In this blog post, we’ll reveal three things you didn’t know about your hair!



Wet Hair Stretches a LOT


When healthy hair gets wet, it can stretch in excess of 30% its “dry” length. No wonder your hair stylist dries your hair before finishing your cut!



Your Hair is Dead


Hair is made of the same thing that your fingernails are made of, keratin. Keratin also makes up animal claws, feathers, hooves, and horns. Interestingly enough, hair is dead - with the exception of the tiny bit still below the surface of the skin.



A Strand of Hair Lives a Long Time


Take a look at your hair. Each of those strands has a life span of about 5 years!


The hair is as interesting as it is beautiful. It was once thought that damaged hair could only be remedied, not treated. Science has uncovered so much truth about hair, including the proven formula behind Nano DryFix.

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