Hair consists mainly of protein (96% keratin protein), lipids (fats) and water. As depicted below, a strand of hair consists of 4 layers: The outermost layer, the cuticle and the inner layers, the cortex, the cell membrane complex and the medulla. The cuticle and the cortex are the layers most vulnerable to damage and aging. Studies have shown that most, if not all, conditioning treatments on the market today only treat the outer cuticle layer. This is understandable; it is the easiest to reach. However, it is the inner cortex that constitutes the major portion of fibers and keratin proteins, which give the hair stability and strength. In the past, the inner layer was difficult to treat the overlapping cuticle (see above) blocked the penetration of nutrients found in traditional products. Hair loses protein (keratin) over time due to pollution, exposure to sunlight, chemical processing and natural aging. To effectively replenish and strengthen the hair, it is necessary to treat the inner cortex and replace the lost proteins.

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