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DryFix Micro Therapy Leave In Treatment is an advanced micro therapy emulsion formulated to help restore the original moisture of your hair and repair damaged hair. The emulsion is comprised with Keratin Microcapsules, natural oils and essential fatty acids. Those micro beads surround the hair and attach within the damaged area helping to seal structural gaps and release a natural moisturizing protective layer on the hair shaft. The product then forms a thin reparative keratin protein patch which helps to restore the cuticle to its flexible integrity. It helps to weld spilt ends leaving the hair repaired and feeling brand new. It will make your hair beautiful, shiny and help make it grow longer without spilt ends.




Nano DryFix shampoo is the new advanced  hair cleanser to help rejuvenate and restore your hair! DryFix shampoo features a patented Micro Keratin Capsules technology that helps repair the hair cortex and spilt ends. The regular use of Nano DryFix Repair Shampoo helps to prevent breakage and dryness to the hair. The shampoo is color safe because it is sulfate free.

DryFix Treatment Masque features a patented Micro Keratin Capsules technology that helps to nourish and repair the hair cortex and spilt ends. The result is soft and flowing but more importantly it helps to break the vicious cycle of hair degradation and dryness. When using this treatment it reduces snags and pulls that will change existing damage hair to healthy hair. The regular use of Dry Fix Treatment Masque prevents breakage and helps make your beautiful hair grow healthier.





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Although the Dynamic Hair Repair comes in a small size, a little goes a long way. It has a lightweight oil/liquid consistency that absorbs without residue and the smell is very light, pleasant, and high-end. It instantly made my damaged hair look and feel soft, silky, and tangle-free all day without weighing it down! I am ecstatic that a product at its price can achieve these results. I am very happy I found their products and would recommend it to anyone\ with dry, damaged hair, or frizzy hair. It all works!


Melanie Shepard


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